The application of online moisture meter in sintering of iron and steel industry

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The application of online moisture meter in sintering of iron and steel industry


   In sintering production, the mixture of the moisture content is exorbitant, not only directly affects the ignition and sintering effect, but also bad for granulating effect reasons, led to the decrease of the material layer permeability; And moisture content is too low, it will be because of the poor in the process of mixture into balls, cause agglomeration rate is reduced, return fines to increase, ultimately affect the yield and quality of sinter. For detecting moisture in sintering process and stable although is very important, but for a long time the moisture of powder and granular materials online automatic measurement has always been a technical problem, the YJ - M - 300 infrared moisture meter and use the on-line automatic water control system at the same time, makes the moisture control for sinter mixture model was perfected, played a stable production process, improve the quality of sintering mineral.

    The influence of environment of water vapor

    Water vapor is one of the biggest interference sources of sinter mixture moisture measurement. YJ - M - 300 series moisture meter is through the filter passband sufficiently narrow, can avoid the influence of water vapor absorption peak to remove most of the water vapor.

    The influence of material height change

    Material within + / - 100 mm height change has no effect on test. Because of YJ - M - 300 infrared light intensity is high, to enhance the anti-interference ability, frame instead of the ordinary spherical mirror, the mirror reflected infrared light to make a distribution is more homogeneous in the benchmark detector, using more fully, so energy detection will not affected by material height change. In addition, due to the 5 band technology to make full use of the reference wavelength, elimination of the influence of material level. And ultra-high speed motor signal high frequency detection, the detection rate of more than 100 times per second, for the slow movement of the material being tested (mixture) on the belt, the material in a relatively static state, so the blanking uniformity of material height change has no effect on test.

    The influence of material changes shape

  YJ - M - 300 detector is not sensitive to the change of the material shape, will not affect the test results. Because of motor speed fast detection speed is very fast, material changes in the shape of a compared to 100 times a second detection speed, its shape is relatively static, maximize the elimination of the influence of the shape of the material. Multichannel technique is more reference wavelength, effectively eliminate surface shape. And the double piece of technology, and measurement due to detecting the same samples at the same time, eliminate the influence of material change.

   Moisture on-line automatic measuring system in sintering production process of the development and application, better solve the mixture moisture measuring technology can't online. Water online automatic measurement not only guarantee the stability of the production technology index, improve the rate of ore powder agglomeration and the product quality, reduces the amount of return fines, and reduce the labor intensity of operators, at the same time, also has solved the different environmental conditions on the influence of the moisture measurement precision, has certain application value in metallurgical industry.

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